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dried fruit and nut chocolate bark

Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bark

Nothing says Christmas like rich treats filled with dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate. And nothing says Christmas like a long “to do” list and a short time to do it in.

So at this time of year, we love fast and easy recipes, like this 3-ingredient chocolate bark. It ticks the chocolatey, fruity, nutty festive boxes but with no rolling, mixing, boiling, or baking.

dried fruit nut chocolate bark recipe

Store it in the fridge. Chop it into chunks and you’ve got a delicious morsel to replace those Christmas truffles you don’t like rolling or the fruit mince pies that people quietly give to the dog.

It also adds a dash of flash to cakes and desserts and makes a pretty DIY gift. It’s a recipe that covers many holiday bases.

Our Top 3 Chocolate Bark Flavours:

1. White Chocolate, Feijoa, and Crystalised Ginger
2. Dark Chocolate, Gold Kiwi, and Almonds
3. White Chocolate, Raspberry, and Pistachio (we ate that before we got a photo).

feijoa chocolate bark


- 1 x 250g block of good quality chocolate
- 1 x 20g snack pack of Little Beauties dried fruit
- ½ cup chopped nuts


- Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of gently simmering water.
- Spread the chocolate on a baking paper lined tray.
- Sprinkle the dried fruit and chopped nuts across the warm chocolate.
- Put in the fridge and once set, chop it into shards. Store it in the fridge.

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