Our Values

At Little Beauties we’re an awesome team of people who are on a mission to ensure that New Zealand’s incredible fruit can be shared with the world, grown in a sustainable way, be transparent in where it comes from and leaves no fruit unpicked.

We love our iconic New Zealand fruits for their enormous flavour and remarkable health benefits – courtesy of New Zealand’s clear skies and strong sunshine.

Founded by the Wastney family in 2010 Little Beauties pride ourselves on innovative technologies to capture that special taste of our New Zealand-grown fruit. 

Our range of fruit snacks, garnishes, ingredients and fruit powders are some of the tastiest, delightful and flavoursome in the world.

From our own feijoa orchards in sunny Nelson and partnerships with growers we work tirelessly to ensure no fruit goes unpicked, fruit that otherwise would not have made it to the shelf is used, and that we always know exactly where, and who, our fruit is coming from.

You can meet some of them here

Wherever possible organic production methods are used.  Products are packed in Soft Plastic Recyclable packaging, with land health, sustainability and the promotion of unique New Zealand fruits key values of the business.  

So you can be sure your purchase is a thoughtful one.

Little Beauties - crafted with care and made to share.