Where does the name Little Beauties come from?

Little Beauties is a Kiwi Colloquialism (slang) and is used to describe something that is really good and/or an exclamation of happiness or jubilance.

Pretty cool, huh!

Who are Little Beauties?

We’re an awesome team of people who are on a mission to ensure that New Zealand’s incredible fruit can be shared with the world, grown in a sustainable way, transparent in where it comes from and never go to waste.

You can read more here.

Where does your fruit come from?

All our fruit comes from New Zealand, that's why it tastes so good!

We have our own feijoa orchards in Hira, just outside of Nelson, at the top of the South Island (and one of the sunniest places in NZ!)

We work closely with growers, like partners Miro - a collective of Māori food producers who provide our Blueberries - to ensure no fruit goes unpicked, fruit that otherwise would not have made it to the shelf is used and to know exactly where, and who, the fruit is coming from.

Where are your delicious products made?

In sunny Nelson/Tasman at the top of the South Island in New Zealand

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! All our packaging is soft plastic recyclable.  Find out where you can recycle your packaging here.

Do you offer free shipping?

For all New Zealand orders over $50 and all Australian orders over $150 we offer free shipping!  Because we’re good like that.

Do you ship internationally?

Of course!  We want to share our delicious New Zealand fruits with the world!  Just add what you’d like to your cart and international shipping is calculated at checkout.

We offer free shipping to Australia on all orders over $150

Where do I buy Little Beauties?

You can buy Little Beauties in New Zealand from supermarkets,
speciality stores and other selected locations.

For a full list check here

Internationally we are available in Japan, Vietnam, Australia
and the USA

How do I become a Little Beauties Stockist?

If you are interested in becoming a stockist, want to know more about Little Beauties, or just want to say “hello”, please email us at orders@littlebeauties.kiwi We'd love to hear from you!

Are all your Little Beauties organic?

The following products that are Bio Gro certified organic: Our 100% Organic Dried Gold Kiwifruit Slices, Organic Dried Gold Kiwifruit Slices paired with Organic & Fair Trade Extra Dark Chocolate and our Chef's selection Organic Feijoa Powder.

Where possible we use organic growing methods.

Is Little Beauties vegetarian and vegan suitable?

Yes! All our 100% fruit are naturally vegan and vegetarian.  The only exception is our chocolate products.
The dark chocolate is vegan and fair trade and our white chocolate contains dairy milk products.

How do you make Little Beauties fruit snacks?

We use really cool air-drying and freeze-drying innovation (it’s a bit secret squirrel) to remove all the water from our New Zealand grown fruit, so you get a super tasty, crunchy or chewy snack that retains most of the nutrients.

Are they Allergy friendly?

All our 100% fruit range are just that, 100% fruit. So, unless you’re allergic to one of our fruits they are very allergy friendly.

Our dark chocolate range have no known allergens. Our white chocolate products do contain milk.

You can find the full ingredients list on each of the product pages.

Is there any sugar added?

Nope!  Not if you’re buying our 100% fruit range.   Our chocolate ranges have a touch of sugar in them (but they’re special occasion treats anyway, so everything in moderation as they say!)

Can I subscribe to Little Beauties?

● Yes! Select the product you want to subscribe to then hit the “Subscribe & Save” button. Tick your preferred quantity and frequency. Add the selection to your cart. Add any additional products if you want and do the same thing, or go straight to Checkout.

● Note: You can add one-time purchases to the same cart and checkout all at once. The first order will contain all items and all future subscription orders will ship out with the subscription products only.

● Checkout out with your billing, shipping, and payment info. You will be required to create an account for subscription orders so that you can manage your preferences moving forward.

How do I update my subscription?

You can modify or update your subscription account anytime through this link:

What about returns or refunds?

● Refunds, returns and exchanges shouldn't be hard. We have very few of them so we like to treat each one individually rather than by having a very long complicated policy. We will uphold your rights under consumer protection legislation.

● What you need to know is that if the product doesn't meet your satisfaction, we will work with you to find a solution you're happy with. If the goods are faulty or damaged, we will refund or replace them. If you've just changed your mind, we might ask you to pay for return shipping.