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Feijoa Cheesecake Easter Eggs

An easy to make, delicious and visually impressive Easter treat!

PB & J Bars

It’s not often that you get a delicious dessert that is full of fruit, fibre and protein! These PB & J bars not only make a tasty dessert, they’re also great for a quick breakfast option. 

Quadruple chocolate baked alaska flambe

Triple Chocolate Brownie and creamy White Chocolate, Pomegranate and Macadamia Ice Cream wrapped up in a billowy meri...

Berry Kiwi bliss balls

The BEST bliss balls you will ever taste! You will need 1 pack of Little Beauties gold Kiwi slices 50g 1 pack fre...

Gold Kiwi FlapJacks

These are Seriously good!! You will need: 1 pack Little Beauties Gold kiwi slices 50g chopped finely 2 1/2 cups r...

Gin and Boysenberry Cocktail

Gin and Boysenberry Cocktail - Friday night must!

Dried Feijoa and coconut Granola

A deliciously crunchy and chunky feijoa and coconut granola, made with Little Beauties’ dried feijoas by What Sarah ...

Boysenberry Gin Sour

Easy Berry Cocktails are quick to make with only a few ingredients.  Ingredients • 30ml celery gin• 15ml elderflow...