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Health Benefits of Dried Fruits | Little Beauties

Each of our unique fruits have been carefully selected for their special powers.

Little Beauties Fruit Packets


New Zealand’s favourite fruits are now available year round. Our delicious range of Little Beauties are bursting with goodness!

• 100% grown and made in New Zealand
• No Preservatives
• Gluten free
• Nut free
• Non GMO
• Free from added sugar*
• Vegan friendly*
• 100% Real Fruit**Original Range Only 


  • Ever found yourself in the lunchroom pondering on a healthier snack only to be disappointed with the same old,  same old unhealthy vending machine options?
  • Perhaps you’ve even considered snacking on what’s been lurking in the bottom of your handbag (or man bag) for the last week or so once again feeling your heart drop?
  • Are you constantly frustrated with your children’s lunch box snacks because you know there’s got to be more than a box of raisins and some carrot sticks you can give them everyday as a healthy snack?

Health Benefits of Little Beauties Dried Fruits

Homegrown, Healthy Dried Fruit Will Tick All Your Snack Boxes!

We’re of the belief that delicious snacks shouldn’t just taste great but should be good for you too.  We know that preserved fruits never went out of fashion; they just got a whole lot better with our drying process lovingly crafted by our team at Little Beauties.  

Let’s just say we’ve raised the bar when it comes to offering healthier snacks and when it comes to choosing your favourite it’s going to be a tough pick!

We use a couple of drying methods for our dried fruits that capture the incredible fruit flavours plus retain all their natural fruity goodness too.  All that goodness we’ve all come to love and admire in fresh fruit is now available here in our dried fruit range.  

Every slice or piece of dried fruit is a hit of pure and simple goodness in just one bite. 

So whether you’re a lover of sweet and silky gold kiwifruit or your thing is enjoying the unique flavour of feijoa, they’re perfect for your afternoon pick me up or for a lunchbox snack the little ones will love. 

Why Choose Homegrown Healthy Snacks? 

Lovingly crafted in sunny Nelson all our dried fruit products are 100% homegrown, have no nasties and preservatives, no added sugar and are vegan friendly.  And to top it all off they’re full of health giving vitamins, minerals and nutrients too:

  • Did you know that kiwifruit contains a natural digestive enzyme called Actinidin which aids good gut health?  Packed full of potassium, Vitamin C and antioxidants dried gold kiwifruit is  the ultimate all-round healthy snack. If you’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately or you want to prevent feeling burnt out our dried gold kiwifruit are a great healthy snack to support your immune system 
  • Boysenberries are another fruit packed full of Vitamin C also rich in fibre plus low in calories so if you want a sweet treat without the guilt this is a great go to for a healthier snack
  • Who doesn’t love feijoa? They’re a real kiwi treat and they’re fantastic for brain and gut health so great for kids having to sit in the classroom all day and us adults who work hard but maybe want to work smarter too. Their Vitamin B complex rich compounds are also beneficial for the nervous system so fruits aren’t just good for physical health, they’re good for mental health too
  • But wait there’s even more! Our freeze dried blueberries are beautiful succulent dynamos that offer a real taste and health punch because other things they’re packed with antioxidants.  A real crowd pleaser for a healthy snack, in smoothies, baking and cereals too!

“You have to taste this to believe it, they are sooooo tasty! Just like the real thing, cause it is the real thing, just freeze dried” Sharyn

We Only Want What's Best For You

Little Beauties comes from a place where we only want what’s best for you and yours. We’re incredibly proud of the health benefits of our homegrown dried fruits and we’re your one stop shop for healthier and yummier snacks on the go, at home or at work.  Pick up a pack, add to cart online or pop in your basket at your local stockist today!

What we know about the fresh fruit

Information nutrition about Gold Kiwifruit, Boysenberries and Feijoa different moments to eat healthy with Little Beauties