Freeze-Dried Feijoa Sours - 20 grams


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Introducing Sour Feijoas - a tart twist on our most popular fruit! Picked fully ripe, these little wonders have a naturally sour flavour that we can't get enough of. Try them if you dare!

100% fruit, that’s it! Preservative free, gluten free, vegan. 20g net. From Nelson, New Zealand. We freeze dry the peeled wedges of feijoa to seal in the special taste and crunchy texture.

Naturally containing Potassium and high in Dietary Fibre - enjoy Little Beauties straight from the bag as a healthy, delicious and versatile snack.

If you love tart lollies, give our new Sour Feijoas a whirl. A healthy alternative for the taste bud daredevils of the world. Pucker up!