New Zealand Feijoa Wedges TEST

The feijoa (pronounced fee-jo-ah) is one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets. Deliciously sweet, aromatic and bursting with New Zealand goodness, our feijoa wedges are made by freeze drying the peeled wedges of feijoa to seal in the special taste and crunch texture.

Naturally containing Vitamin C and prebiotic fibre – enjoy Little Beauties New Zealand Feijoa Wedges straight from the bag as a healthy and versatile snack . They also make stunning additions to your cereal, smoothies, baking and desserts.

  • Perfect for snacking and creative bakers and chefs
  • Naturally contains prebiotic fibre and Vitamin C
  • Vegan and Vegetarian. Free from added sugar, preservatives, gluten, GMOs.
  • Gets you lots of kudos when sent to friends and family overseas

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Featured Recipe

Dried Feijoa and coconut Granola