Our Team

Ian Wastney

Ian Wastney


As founder of the growing business, Ian loves having a large part of his family involved in variousroles, creating healthy products from locally grown produce.It started with sending dried feijoa slices to his son and daughter-in-law in London from his then newfeijoa orchard. They disappeared pretty quickly when shared with their kiwi friends wanting a tasteof home so, with their help and encouragement, Little Beauties was born.It would not be proper for Ian not to like all the Little Beauty products, but the feijoa with whitechocolate is particularly yummy, and delicious to share amongst his five children and 13grandchildren.His orchard takes a big chunk of his spare time. It is not time to retire yet.

Email: ian@littlebeauties.kiwi

Tristan Wastney

Tristan Wastney

Co-Founder and General Manager

Tristan takes care of the daily overall operation, putting his energy into building great relationshipswith the Little Beauties staff, partners and customers in New Zealand and overseas.He takes pride in growing the family business and developing new healthy products that bringsurprise and joy to people when they try them, and loves the opportunity to innovate new ideas andwatch those ideas grow into reality.Tristan recommends the freeze-dried boysenberries with a cold gin on ice and loves experimentingwith different cocktails. But the Gold Kiwifruit paired with chocolate is perfect on the go when heneeds an energy boost, normally in the car between meetings.In his spare time, Tristan, who is passionate about soil health and farming sustainably, is working ona project to convert a 40ha ex-forestry block to native plantings, and you might spot him playing hisviolin in the Nelson symphony orchestra.

Email: tristan@littlebeauties.kiwi

Alexander Wastney

Alexander Wastney

Co-Founder / Brand Design and Marketing Lead

As the Creative Director for Little Beauties, Alexander manages the family brand and has seen theLittle Beauties grow from humble beginnings to a more widely recognised brand that stands for NewZealand’s tastiest dried fruit.He loves that Little Beauties products are designed to share, in particular seeing customersexperience the taste of Little Beauties and then sharing them with their friends and family.His own all-time favourites are Dried Gold Kiwi paired with Dark Chocolate. Even after years ofenjoying them, the flavour, texture and moreish-ness still blows him away. He recommends having abag on your desk at work as an afternoon pick-up treat, just like he does.They don’t go amiss either when training for a basketball game. A keen player since he was a kid,Alexander even sat on the bench for the Nelson Giants for a few seasons, although he says hecannot quite jump as high as he used to!

Email: alexander@littlebeauties.kiwi

Rob Simcic

Rob Simcic

Chair and CEO

Rob leads the overall direction and supports the Little Beauties team to be the best it can be andproduce the world finest dried fruit products. He also likes pitching in wherever required – fromdoing deliveries, to selling in the marketplace, to financial reports.The look of joy and surprise on customers’ faces when they try Little Beauties for the first time giveshim immense pleasure and the challenge of doing something completely new and innovative.When it comes to his favourite Little Beauty, it’s a tie between the 100% Natural Gold Kiwifruit andgluten free dried Feijoa slices. Rob likes to liven up his breakfast by crushing two to three freeze-dried boysenberries over granola each morning. He always keeps a packet of Natural Gold Kiwifruithis day pack for a tasty energy boost when he is out hunting or fishing.


Sylvia Wastney

Sylvia Wastney

Factory Lead

Sylvia works with the factory team to craft tasty treats using only premium quality New Zealandgrown fruits to send to customers all over NZ and the world.Sylvia loves seeing staff take pride in the work they do and hearing from people who love ourhealthy and delicious products.While freeze dried boysenberries with white chocolate are her favourites, Sylvia loves sharing an icy cocktail with crushed boysenberry garnish with husband Tristan, or stirred through for a burst ofberry colour and flavour.After work Sylvia spends time with her two kids, Leo 9 and Eve 15 working on their small farmwhere they graze 40 dairy heifers year round.

Email: sylvia@littlebeauties.kiwi

Kristin Wastney

Kristin Wastney

Co-Founder / Brand Design and Marketing Lead

Kristin’s fun and creative flair shows up in the colourful design that we love about the packaging,branding, and collateral for the market place.Above all she wants to create a product that makes people smile!White chocolate dipped Feijoa makes her smile, a perfect a car trip snack when taking her two pre-schoolers to activities, or on family walks.With another little one on the way, running her family design business and helping out with LittleBeauties it is no wonder that Kristin can be hard to get hold of.