Our story

Founder Ian with feijoas from the family orchard

Back in 2010 the Wastney family, dad Ian, mum Sally and sons Tristan and Alexander, developed an innovative method of drying feijoas from their family orchard in Nelson, looking to send this treasure to friends and family abroad who longed for a taste of home. They had such positive feedback that they decided to make these Little Beauties available to everybody who shares the love for this New Zealand icon or those intrigued to discover it.

Next, they took to up-cycling superficially blemished New Zealand Gold Kiwifruit, that would otherwise not make it to shelf, by developing air-dried slices in their own unique way.

Then being an industrious lot, and because customers kept asking, they started working with local berry growers and innovative freeze-drying techniques to make whole, New Zealand Boysenberries, Raspberries and Blueberries which range from delightfully crunchy to the superbly chewy. 

This range of healthy, flavourful and tasty snacks are now a staple in many households in New Zealand and around the world.

In 2015 founder Ian and son Tristan had the (very) bright idea to add premium Trade-Aid Chocolate to favourites Boysenberry and Gold Kiwifruit and a decadent special treat was born.

Now, Little Beauties produces multiple ranges suitable for the healthy snacker, the home-gourmet chef and the foodservice industry.  These include 100% New Zealand fruit powders for powerful nutrients and flavour in smoothies, baking and cooking and ingredients for foodservice including purees and fruit powders.

The Little Beauties team continue to source all their fruit from New Zealand, simply because the flavour of New Zealand fruit cannot be surpassed.  They work closely with growers, like partners Miro - a collective of Māori food producers -  to ensure no fruit goes unpicked, fruit that otherwise would not have made it to the shelf is used and to know exactly where, and who, the fruit is coming from.

Wherever possible organic production methods are used and products are packed in Soft Plastic Recyclable packaging, with land health, sustainability and the promotion of unique New Zealand fruits key values of the business.  

As the company has grown and expanded into export markets they’ve brought on a team that live by the same values. The Wastney family is still involved, Tristan is the lead grower liaison and sales guru and Xander looks after design.  Dad Ian and mum Sally however, are now sitting back a bit enjoying the fruits of their labour!

Little Beauties: {Kiwi Colloquialism} - used to describe something that is really good and/or an exclamation of happiness or jubilance