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Feijoas from New Zealand

Aussie based Kiwis can now get their Feijoa fix

If you're missing the taste of home stock up on Little Beauties freeze-dried feijoas with FREE DELIVERY!

Whether you’re loving the sunshine in Brizzie or indulging in some culture in Melbourne we know you still secretly yearn for the taste of home. And that taste has to include Feijoa!

The good news is Little Beauties have exactly what your heart and taste buds desire - freeze dried feijoas with FREE delivery when you spend NZD$65 or over.

We guess you could say we’re delivering wonderful “growing up as a kiwi” memories too!  

Walking home from school snacking on your neighbour’s feijoa hedge was something we’ll never forget.  Oh and the best part was chasing your mates down the street “hiffing” the skins at them just for a laugh. Those were the days aye! We’d love to hear your favourite feijoa stories too!

Our feijoa wedges are deliciously sweet, aromatic and bursting with New Zealand goodness. Dried feijoas are crunchy and chewy, with the concentrated feijoa taste you remember so well. 

Little Beauties is a small family-run business in sunny Nelson and we’re always thinking about our friends and family based over the “ditch”.  We know there’s some things that just can’t be replaced and one of those things are the taste of feijoas. 


Spend $65 Or More And We Pay For Your Shipping! 

That’s why we want to help you get your hands on and your mouths watering by gifting you this special offer. Spend NZD$65 or more on any Little Beauties products and we’ll ship straight to your front door for FREE!  It doesn’t matter if you’re living in WA or Wollongong and you feel like you're a million miles away, once you pop a wedge of dried feijoa in your mouth it’s like you’ve come back home for a while.


We also have amazing homegrown and delicious dried Gold Kiwifruit and Boysenberries too. 


Home or away, Little Beauties haven’t forgotten about all our wonderful expats living overseas.  So pick up a pack of dried feijoa, gold kiwifruit and boysenberries today packed full of homegrown goodness and aroha because really and truly - there’s no place like home.  


What some of our lovely customers say about our Feijoas

Hit the jackpot
These wedges are phenomenal!! I live in Canada and my Mum sent me the slices last year which were great but these wedges knock it out of the park! Normally I would say make bigger packages but please don’t because once I’ve opened it there’s no stopping! Being away from NZ for over 20 years I’ve found substitutes for a lot of Kiwi favourites but nothing can substitute Feijoa’s. These wedges will hold me over till the next visit home, where I can over indulge in the real thing!
- Deb
Crunchy, chewy & oh so tasty.
What a delicious burst of flavour! I miss having fresh feijoas. They only took a week to get here. Thanks Little Beauties!
- Simone
Healthy & Different
Great snack. Mouthwatering Feijoa blast!
- Sue
I highly recommend these feijoas to anyone who doesn’t have access to fresh ones
OMG to ex kiwis, this is the answer I have been looking for since I left NZ 28 years ago! Superb!
- Trina