Growers and Process


Thomas Brothers Orchards, Nelson


Thomas Bros is a Family owned orchard and packhouse business based in the sunny Tasman District in New Zealand. They supply Little Beauties with their juicy gold kiwifruit.


Tasman Bay Berries, Nelson


Nelson is known for growing great berries which are not only delicious, but are incredibly healthy. Boysenberries hold beneficial properties towards assisting general health with vital nutrients and vitamins. Our boysenberries come from Tasman Berries and are carefully handpicked from their vines. 


Rivington Fruit, Nelson


Rivington Fruit was created by the Little Beauties founder Ian Wastney. With a large orchard of feijoas Rivington Fruit supplies Little Beauties with all of their delicious feijoa fruit.

Our Dark Chocolate Gold Kiwifruit Process